Events of EESTEC
TU Delft Aula Conference Centre
22 January, 2023

What events are available?

EESTEC is an organization that comprises branches all over Europe. Each branch organizes events in which members of the entire organization can participate. These events vary in nature, from social weekends to week-long workshops. The best part is that once you are there, everything is taken care of - from your accommodation and meals to drinks. All you have to do is book your transportation!

It's worth noting that these events are distinct from the local LC Delft events. LC Delft also hosts an international event every two years and organizes regular activities for its members.

If you're not a fan of reading, here is a video of a formal event and an informal event in Athens!

There are multiple types of events:

Official workshops: These are midweek-long events where participants learn either hard or soft skills. Hard skills can include programming, electronics, or even engineering in general. These workshops typically have 16 or more international participants.

IMW (International Motivation Weekend): These weekends are all about social activities and usually have 30 or more participants, providing ample opportunity to meet new people.

Congress: EESTEC has an international board and organizes two general assemblies called congresses every year. These congresses are where new rules and policies are discussed. Every LC is required to attend one congress per year. These events are a week long and include day-long meetings and evening social events or city trips.

Can I apply?

Yes, applications are open to everyone within the association. Becoming a member of LC Delft is free and easy. To apply for an event, simply send a message to the LC Delft board for instructions. Entry requirements are usually minimal and only require a short motivation statement.

We will list all the available activities on our events page. If you're interested, feel free to reach out to the board for more information!

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