Group picture Spring Congress 2022 in Belgrade
Spring Congress 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia

What is EESTEC?

EESTEC is a non-political, non-profit organization for EEMCS students of universities, institutes, and schools of technology across Europe. Our aim is to help students develop soft and hard skills, exchange knowledge, get to know various cultures, and build a network through international events.

EESTEC connects 5000 members, 46 universities, and 24 countries through events, such as professional workshops, cultural exchanges, motivational activities, internships, and congresses. Most of these events are organized for and by local committees (LCs) from participating universities. 

LC Delft is the oldest branch and represents Delft University of Technology in the EESTEC network. By working closely with other faculty groups and associations, we provide an international dimension to student life. We believe this enlarges perspectives, helps to build lasting relations and understanding, and stimulates personal development and cooperation.

Why join?

By being part of this network, you can enjoy week-long international workshops all over Europe at low cost, meet and network with students from other excellent technical universities, gain soft and hard skills, and enrich your development with unique and inspiring experiences. We aim to be a place where every student can feel at home, learn new things, work with other people, and break away from the local perspective of university. We are a place where you become friends before associates.

We warmly welcome every EEMCS faculty student.